Day In Detroit

Detroit, Michigan. The motor city of the United States of America, largest city in Michigan, home of the Red Wings, and by far the most ghetto place I have been so far. But on top of all of that, it is one of the most photogenic cities that I have gone to.

Greg Snider, from a church we had a demo at took us to a few spots in down town Detroit to skate. He showed us a few really cool spots and we had a good time. Except for Trevor. He split his shin open on a frontside flip down a little drop and ended up getting a few stitches.

Check out some photos from our day in Detroit:

Tyler Jenicek | Belle Isle

All the guys at the other side of the ditch

Some of the guys jumping over some barriers getting over to another spot

Trevor Groth | Backside 5-0 | Detriot

Tyler Jenicek | Backside Lip | Detroit

Mike Shamberg | Hurricane | Detroit

Zach Black | Frontside Lip | Detroit

Trevor Groth | Detroit

Zach Black | Detroit

Trevor, Greg, and Tyler | Trevor: Observer, Greg: Backside 180, Tyler: Fake filmer

Trevor split his shin open. Greg got him some water.


Over all, our day in Detroit was sick. Thanks so much Greg.

Keep your eyes peeled,we will be dropping another blog on the Boarders For Christ blog of more Michigan photos.

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