If Mikey Can’t Do It, Marc Probably Can

There are various ways of encouragement one can give a skateboarder while they are skating, but the one way I got Mikey Carpenter to land his trick is by telling him “Mikey can’t do it, Marc can!”

He landed it.

The other day, Joey and I were walking downtown Coeur d’Alene and found spot that hasn’t ever been skated. It was a diamond in the rough. In Coeur d’Alene, everyone know every spot out there. If you don’t know the spot, someone else does, but this spot we found had never been skated. No one had ever seen it either so it was a fresh spot. We were pretty hyped on the spot so I talked to Mikey (Marc) Carpenter because I knew that he liked backside tailslides and we went and shot it.

There is nothing as fun for me than shooting skateboarding on a nice fall afternoon. Temperatures are starting to drop in North Idaho, so skateboarding is going to wrapped up here in the next few months. I am going to try and stack as many shots as I can before winter hits. I better start hunting for spots. I was lucky enough to find this one for Mikey. Check out the photos from the shoot:

Marc | Backside Tailslide

Mikey actually got back tail bigspin out too, but I filmed that, I didn’t want to shoot that.

Right next to this ledge was this short, high flat bar. Pretty awkward to skate, but pretty cool to shoot. Mikey got a nice little front board on it:

Here is a portrait of Josh Santos too:


Welcome to fall.

Stay gold,






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