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Forgive me for it has been far too long since my last post. I have been lazy when it comes to blogging and for that matter when it comes to any realm of art. I have been all over place these last four or so months so that results in a hefty amount of pictures. I am going to keep this post short and concise for viewing pleasure. Enjoy.


A new year has occurred since my previous post so I guess that is a solid place to start. I was fortunate enough to be able to go to Maui, Hawaii with my family at the start of 2012 which is just a playground for photographers. I made it a goal to get every classic, cliche photo I could get while I was in Hawaii, so I did. Here are some of my more favorite images from the trip:


I have had a few small jobs come my way in the last few months one of which being shooting the band known as “The Static Tones”. Getting my foot in the door with these smaller band gigs has broadened my horizons vastly. I never really thought I would be shooting band photos, but turns out it is rather enjoyable and definitely a trick to master. I wanted to keep it classy with the guys from “The Static Tones” but I didn’t want to be too standard. Here is one of photos from the shoot:


Along with business comes play. Chuck Schmidt recruited me once again to shoot some snowboarding one rainy evening in January but suprisingly enough we came out with a shot from the night. Check it:

Chuck is a gangster I guess you could say

Front 50-50 drop in


Similar to previous years, Jesse Mays put together his “Dirty 30” trip. Although Jesse is no longer 30, the trip lives on. Last year I probably was so incredibly pleased with the skate shots that I had received, but this year I was not as impressed. I did a little more filming this time around so be expecting an edit to drop soon. Displayed below are photos from Jesse Mays’ birthday trip:

Tyler went on a walk at Jake Schmidt’s house in Portland. This is his driveway.

Newberg, OR Skate park is sweet.


Lastly, I have just returned from a short trip to Seattle, WA and Vancouver, BC with Joey Ozol, Tyler Jenicek and Josh Monteith. We had intended to skate more than we did, but we ended up getting rained on for the majority of the time. Even though we did not get to skate, we still enjoyed ourselves in Seattle and Vancouver, coming home with stories we will never forget. I am not insanely hyped on any of the skateboarding photos because I feel that none of them are very original and they are just shouting out “blahh”. Here are some photos from our trip:


Tyler likes #instagram

Joey ripped at Marginal Way

It was too fun to reunite with Josh Monteith in Seattle. I miss that puppet! (Mis-focus photo)

Tyler slashing at MW

I have never gotten a ship yard photo so I thought I should go get one

Matson Trucking?


The classic Gum Wall in Seattle


Seattle Center Skatepark

Vancouver, BC

Another backside tailslide photo of Tyler to add to the books

This kid rips

Joey did his first handrail, props!

Tyler going for it


Joey sending it down a 10 stair



Stay gold,


2 thoughts on “Here And There

  1. hey stephen, i was at maui the same time as you and we both went on that waterfall hike at the same time. you took some snap shots of me and couple of my buddies jumping off the waterfall and we have all been dying to see them. when you get this, it would be awesome if you sent those pics to my e mail or sent me a link to see those photos. my email is

    Thanks a lot!


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