Go Fly A Kite

When I was a little kid, my father and I would go out to the street on a windy day and pull out our kite. There was nothing more enjoyable to me as a little kid than flying that piece of canvas in the wind with my dad and I those memories stick in my head as some of my best childhood moments.

Ten years later, I am doing it again but doing it because Joey Ozol were so bored on a Sunday Afternoon. Sometimes the simplest forms of fun can be the most entertaining activities. Especially for a teenager who has nothing to do on a windy, Sunday afternoon.

I had a random burst of creative energy to go shoot a photo of Joey flying a kite because I had never done something like that. It is a pretty simple, cliche thing to take photos of, but regardless it is still fun to get out and shoot. Joey and I drove out on to the prairie where the wind would be the most gusty and let the kite soar. Here are some photos from the day.




Earlier this week Trevor Groth and I went out to shoot a spot in Post Falls. Trevor got a few tricks and I got a few photos. A little on the artsy side, but still good quality skateboarding.

Trevor Groth | Frontside Tailslide

Trevor Groth | Frontside Crooked Grind


Stay gold,


If Mikey Can’t Do It, Marc Probably Can

There are various ways of encouragement one can give a skateboarder while they are skating, but the one way I got Mikey Carpenter to land his trick is by telling him “Mikey can’t do it, Marc can!”

He landed it.

The other day, Joey and I were walking downtown Coeur d’Alene and found spot that hasn’t ever been skated. It was a diamond in the rough. In Coeur d’Alene, everyone know every spot out there. If you don’t know the spot, someone else does, but this spot we found had never been skated. No one had ever seen it either so it was a fresh spot. We were pretty hyped on the spot so I talked to Mikey (Marc) Carpenter because I knew that he liked backside tailslides and we went and shot it.

There is nothing as fun for me than shooting skateboarding on a nice fall afternoon. Temperatures are starting to drop in North Idaho, so skateboarding is going to wrapped up here in the next few months. I am going to try and stack as many shots as I can before winter hits. I better start hunting for spots. I was lucky enough to find this one for Mikey. Check out the photos from the shoot:

Marc | Backside Tailslide

Mikey actually got back tail bigspin out too, but I filmed that, I didn’t want to shoot that.

Right next to this ledge was this short, high flat bar. Pretty awkward to skate, but pretty cool to shoot. Mikey got a nice little front board on it:

Here is a portrait of Josh Santos too:


Welcome to fall.

Stay gold,






Do Something Cool

I haven’t posted anything in a pretty long time because of one reason: I am lazy. I have nothing better to be doing, but I just haven’t. So what does that mean? I quite a grip of photos I am going to show to you.

This is a very summarized version of my jam packed month of August.

As soon as I got home from the BFC tour in the beginning of August I was back to the camera. I had quite a few senior photo sessions lined up for me upon my arrival back home, which is a blessing itself, but that kept me busy for quite a while. I don’t particularly enjoy shooting senior photos, but I do it.

I had the opportunity to go shoot out at Gozzer Ranch (a beautiful area out on Coeur d’Alene Lake) with Brooklynn Hathaway and shoot her senior photos. I was pretty stoked to go shoot out there because of all the natural beauty at Gozzer. I had no idea what I was going to do out there photo-wise because I had only been out there once previously and didn’t really take note of all the photo spots. But we quickly found some great zones and I pleased with what we received from the shoot. Take a look:

Brooklynn Hathaway

Brooklynn Hathaway

Brooklynn Hathaway

Towards the end of August, we had a few more BFC demos. One was in one our more favorite towns we go to called Troy, MT. Troy is something else to say the least. I love going there because of the community there. The people are awesome and they are so stoked for our demo because it is probably the only fun thing they get to see for the whole summer. The demo went great and photos came out pretty cool as well. I mean, they are demo photos so what can you expect? Check it:

Josh Monteith rips

He likes bikes too

Joey killed it, he had a real nice front board down the ledge

Zach with the power stance

High fives

After Troy, it was Joey Ozol’s birthday so we decided to take a little day trip to Missoula, MT. Missoula has one of the greatest skateparks in our area so it was a super rad time to hang out with some friends. A couple of our friends, Fred and Angelo came with us to the “zoo” town. Here is what we did:

Joey Ozol | Crook to fakie

Fred Jones | 50-50 Fronside shove

Angelo fell

Angelo Warner | Frontboard

Joey Ozol | Backside Feeble

Sorry for making your throw yourself down this Joey

These kids watched us skate

The last thing is the demo with helmets. We had a demo at the YMCA skatepark which was awesome. All though helmets were required, the guys still ripped. The demo went smooth and the kids seemed to enjoy it, thats what counts, right? Here they are:

Greg Foeller | BFC Melon

Zach Black | Back Tail

Greg rips

Hair metal

Tyler rips too

Bring it Zach


There is a lot more I could put up but I think I am going to wait and post the other stuff in another post.

Stay Gold,



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